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VIDEO 5 of 10 - "Hero Shot" - Creating An Epic VFX Shot

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allan mckay vfx supervisor industrial light and magic ilm blur

allan mckay vfx supervisor industrial light and magic ilm blur

About Your Instructor

Allan McKay is an award winning Visual Effects Supervisor and Technical Director in Hollywood with almost 20 years experience having worked for many leading studios - including Industrial Light + Magic, Blur Studio, Atomic Fiction, Pixomondo, Ubisoft and many others.

Some of Allan's film credits include Avengers Endgame, Game of Thrones, The Equalizer, Star Trek Into Darkness, Flight, Superman, Metallica, 2012, The Last Airbender, Daybreakers, Transformers 3, and many others..

And game titles including Half-Life, Call of Duty, Destiny, Halo, Bioshock and Prototype.

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Video 5 Summary:

Here it is! This is where we take everything we've learned so far and 10x it. This is just the beginning as we start to turn it up and put all of our attention into creating en entire hero visual effects shot. And build a smart intriciate process that will pay off 10 fold in the end. Let's do this!

Stick with this as this is just Video 3 of 10. Every few days I will send you another video (if you somehow stumbled across this page - to get all videos, and scene files, go to



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